How many coaching sessions per day?

While many coaches take five training calls a day, this may be a bit of an exaggeration for you as a beginner. It's best to start with three coaching sessions a day and adjust them based on the results you get. Since your business will grow and change over time, your answers to this question will change. I used to only do more than 40 hours of coaching sessions a week, now I serve clients two days a week for 6 to 8 hours on those days.

The rest of my time is spent on more creative activities (writing a book, making podcasts, creating content and exercises, etc.). Now I love my schedule, but a long time ago I also loved meeting with clients all day, every day. For life goals that require serious commitment and changes on your part, you'll most likely want to stay in touch with your life coach indefinitely, coming to him when you feel like you need a review session. I recommend that you make one or two individual coaching calls per client each month, depending on your offer.

After all, coaching is a skill you can learn even if you don't have coaching experience or certification. Personal training diploma, personal training certificate, personal training certificate, midbody specialist certificate, sports psychology certification, condensed Pilates certification, yoga certificate, sports conditioning coach course, specialized nutrition course, nutrition diploma, sports management certification, exercise science certification, all courses page. In these types of cases, personal coaching sessions should be more frequent at first, and less and less frequent as you adopt the strategies and techniques your coach teaches you. There's one thing you need to implement before you have your first training sessions: a coach contract.

That's why coaching can be an incredibly rewarding business (and yes, a coaching business can make it possible for you to leave your nine and five years old and make a lot of money). For example, one of my energy coaching clients realized that she could get by organizing one energy compensation session a month and building her training around that idea. And then there's the coaching you do between coaching calls, such as answering questions and checking how your clients are doing. As mentioned before, the number of life coaching sessions you'll need depends entirely on the reason you decided to work with a life coach in the first place.

In addition, time is a much more valuable resource than money, especially when you use a coaching model that requires a lot of time, such as individual coaching. Question-focused coaching is based on the coach asking questions and the coachee providing the answers. Some coaches are still working nine to five before moving to a full-time coaching business. These ad hoc additions to a training session program could be included in some type of coach retention agreement.

Coaches who develop products or care for older parents should create space for these tasks, as well as for training sessions.

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