What tools do executive coaches use?

The Six-Step Individual Development Plan, the Strategic-Tactical Leadership Inventory (STLI) and the Mattone Leadership Enneagram Index (MLEI) are three of these executive coaching tools. To serve others, leaders must pay attention to their personal care. Leadership is difficult and requires you to put in as much energy as you put in. Training exercises can help you prioritize your self-care. When modeling self-care, you also teach these training exercises to your team.

In the next section, we include a series of exercises that correspond to these executive coaching techniques. In The Coaching Habit by Michael Bungay Stanier, there are 7 coaching questions you can use to guide a conversation. Executive coaching can help people reach the next level, help leaders address their weaknesses and those who are new to their leadership roles. If you're interested in providing such services or running your own executive coaching business, there are some key skills and techniques that are important to familiarize yourself with.

These tools have helped many coaches to gain a deeper insight into their clients and, at the same time, to ensure a more intimate training experience. For many executive coaching clients, presenting their ideas in one of these processes for them to see visually can help them identify multiple options and also gain clarity. However, phase 3 and phase 4 often overlap to a certain extent, as the coach and executive usually measure progress as they go and make adjustments or add new goals as needed. The best executive coaching platform would provide each of the benefits listed above and would allow you to design, personalize and disseminate your own content.

With these objectives in mind, choosing the right executive coaching application involves first making some distinctions. This post will list the best life coaching evaluation tools that you can implement in your coaching sessions. Establishing a time frame for this falls into the first category (“specialized”), while the sending of emails and instant messages can be easily automated with executive coaching tools.

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